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Traditions to Remember

Can you smell the joy?

At Amie Jo's we're serving up great moments all across mid-Michigan.  The sweet smell of fresh-made dough rising, and a colossal Amie Jo's Elephant Ear being sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar, it's gotta be Amie Jo's.

Freshness & Quality

Grandma Amie Jo's recipe is a closely held family secret, each batch made from scratch right in the concession wagon!  While other Elephant Ear Vendors buy pre-made mixes, or use frozen bread dough, we believe our customers deserve freshness & quality.


Only premium ingredients make it to the Amie Jo's kitchen.  Dough is mixed and rises right in the wagon, hand rolled, and cooked to perfection for each customer's order.  Our products are always made fresh - our dough is never frozen, and our elephant ears are never stored under a heat lamp.  Our frying oil is always fresh and polished, meeting Grandma Amie Jo's strictest kitchen standards.

Join the Tradition 

At parades, homecomings, festivals, fireworks, fairs, scouting events, birthday and graduation parties, Amie Jo's is a key ingredient for thousands every year. 

We'd love to have you consider Amie Jo's for your community or private event.

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